Moor Beer


Moor Beer was reborn in 2007 when Californian Justin Hawke purchased the defunct business
and created what has become one of the world’s top rated breweries. Named from the Levels and Moors area of Somerset where the brewery originated, Moor Beer moved to central Bristol behind Temple Meads Rail Station in 2014 and now showcases a Tap Room, shop and tours.
Our inspiration comes from living around the world and working with different beer styles and techniques. We take the German, naturally hazy philosophy, combine it with the American flavour-forward approach to brewing and the British secondary re-fermentation tradition to create what we call Modern Real Ale.
Beer is about flavour, drinkability and enjoyment. Stemming from our Californian roots, our beers
are full flavoured, often hoppy, but always incredibly balanced and drinkable. This comes from our use of British floor malted barley, select hops from around the world and a laser focus on quality at our in-house laboratory. It’s earned us stacks of international awards, a wide collection of top ratings, and we’re the first to be accredited by CAMRA for cask, keg, bottle and can.
That’s why discerning drinkers always prefer to Drink Moor Beer!


Moor kicked off the unfined beer movement in the UK, firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer has a negative impact on quality. Leaving live yeast and other flavour compounds
in beer enhances aroma, flavour, appearance and mouth feel. It also makes the beer vegan friendly.

Key Ingredient Differences
We truly believe we work with the world’s best suppliers. For our base malt we use Tuckers Maltings – one of the world’s last remaining floor malting’s. We augment this with speciality malts from small producers in the UK, Germany and Belgium. We source hops from around the globe and also work with Charles Faram Hop Development on creating new hop varieties, such as Jester™. We developed our house yeast to really let the amazing qualities of our malt and hops shine, but also use other yeast strains to create beers in different international styles.

MooR About Us

Attention to Detail & Quality
Brewing Modern Real Ale is very time-consuming, especially with the extra time required for intensive dry hopping and natural conditioning. These processes also introduce extra complications so we take our time and only release the beer when it passes a multitude of quality checks, both sensory and from our in-house laboratory.

Package Formats
All our beers are brewed and packaged the same way for a full natural conditioning in all our formats – cask, keg, can and bottle. This means you get the same awesome beer unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised whether you’re drinking it in the pub or on your journey.

Iconic Branding
All the love, care and attention to detail we give to our beer we also give to our presentation. We’re thrilled to work with Ben King from IchBinBen, who designed our award-winning look and continues to innovate our packaging.

Moor Beer


Style:Californian IPA
Format:330ml can, 30L key keg
Tasting Note:Our infamous American-style IPA.
This beer started off out as a little bit of fun but quickly became the favourite of many die hard ale fans and has now become permanent. Probably best described stylistically as a Californian IPA, this beer has all the rich malt and fruit flavours of a Barley Wine combined with the hoppy crispness of a Pale Ale. And as best said by one of its biggest fans, “Hoppiness = Happiness.”
Unfined and naturally hazy.

Moor Beer

PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Style:Pale Modern Ale
Format:330ml can, 30L key keg
Tasting Note:This is a hoppy pale ale for the modern age. Mango in colour, PMA has an intense yet highly drinkable and balanced flavour, representing the best hops from around the world and a complex mix of technically kilns British malts.
The recipe was created in collaboration with Hardcore Hits Cancer.
£300 per brew is donated on our behalf to the Cancer Research Organisation of Bristol University. Distributors nationally and internationally are encouraged to also donate proceeds from sales of this brew to their preferred local Cancer organisations.
Help us support the good cause!

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